Japan Pop Culture Festival at Kansai Airport - Appearances by "Osaka Moe Ambassador" and Others

Japan Pop Culture Festival at Kansai Airport - Appearances by

Japan Pop Culture Festival

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The Japan Pop Culture Festival, which presents Japanese pop culture to the world, was held on November 20 and 21 at Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture.

Japanese pop culture that enjoys high popularity overseas such as anime, video games and fashion (also known as "Cool Japan") were presented to the world from the international airport, where a diverse variety of travelers cross paths. The festival, which was sponsored by the airport's operator, Nipponbashi CG Animation Village and others, aimed to lure visitors and produce cultural exchanges.

There were on-stage events with pop culture themes such as anime song performances, a cosplay fashion show and video games in the airport's south event plaza, in addition to booths selling anime and idol merchandise. An idol group also made an on-stage appearance.

A "Welcome Campaign" pre-festival event was held on November 19, the day before the official start. Yu Kimura, the "former Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador of Cute," Yuki Igarashi, the "Second Osaka Moe Ambassador" and the Tsutenkaku Robo greeted travelers to promote Japanese pop culture as well as tourism in Osaka.