Seaweed Growing on Centrair Airport Island Dike on Sale to Eat

Seaweed Growing on Centrair Airport Island Dike on Sale to Eat

The package of seaweed product Akamoku.

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On April 1, seaweed harvested from the dike on the airport island at Chubu International Airport (also known as "Centrair") in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture went on sale. The product is called Tennen Akamoku Centrair no Megumi.

The product was born from an original project by the airport to commercialize the akamoku seaweed growing wild on the airport island dike as a local food product. Its sale follows last year's successful sale of the seaweed to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Centrair's opening.

The product exclusively uses high-quality akamoku harvested only when in season. Akamoku has a novel texture that is crispy while being thick and sticky. It can be eaten just by adding sauce. Centrair has also said that it tastes great with miso soup, suimono soup and udon or as a topping for tofu or salad. Each box comes with three bite-sized packs of shredded akamoku (40 grams each) and ao shiso-flavored sauce. The seaweed is on sale for JPY 298 in Centrair Omiyage Kan, a retailer of certain local merchandise on the third floor of the airport passenger terminal.

Since April 8, fifteen airport restaurants have introduced commercial-size 500-gram packs of the seaweed to create an original Akamoku Menu.

According to Centrair, akamoku is typically not eaten by the locals and it was first commercialized for dietary consumption at the airport.