Symbol & New Site for Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport - Airport Opening in 2012

Symbol & New Site for Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport - Airport Opening in 2012

The newly announced symbol and logotype of Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport.

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On May 30, Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture (also known as Iwakuni Airport) announced a symbol and logotype. The airport will open in JFY 2012.

The committee promoting use of the new airport, which will be created when Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni transitions to joint civilian control, decided on the symbol and logotype as part of its project to prepare for the airport's opening. Last year the committee sought ideas from the public to choose the airport's nickname, which refers to a local historical bridge. The committee did the same in February of this year for selecting the symbol and logotype.

The winning design, chosen from among 859 submissions from across Japan, was created by graphic designer Yoshito Nakata of Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture. His design evokes an image of both a blossoming flower and the airport's opening with a motif based on the five arches of the Kintaikyo bridge. The overall impression created by the art is of Yamaguchi's "mountains" and "birds," representing the birth of the prefecture's newest airport. Nakata used the color light blue to represent the color of the sky.

On June 1 the committee launched a website for the new airport displaying the symbol and logo, which will be used across the board on posters, pamphlets and other materials to develop promotions in the run-up to the airport's opening.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) has already stated that it will operate flights to Iwakuni on a route connecting to Haneda.