Guided Tours of Centrair Terminal Riding on Segways

Guided Tours of Centrair Terminal Riding on Segways

Segway tour is available at Centrair.

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Segway Guide Tours are underway at Chubu International Airport (or "Centrair") at Centrair 1, Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture in which tour group members ride around the airport on the Segway, a battery-driven two-wheeled vehicle that is ridden standing up.

The tour course follows that of the previous walking tour of the Centrair passenger terminal. The Segways that group members ride are also used by airport personnel in their work. Until now the airport had allowed short demo rides of the vehicles, but tourist requests to "ride a little longer" led the airport to create the new tour.

After a ten-minute, JPY 1,000 training course on how to ride the Segway safely, tour members can take the actual sixty-minute tour of the airport terminal for JPY 3,500. The training course is conducted by an instructor certified by Segway Inc. The training and tour are for ages 16 and up.

Riders wear helmets and hear information about the airport with convenient radios as they tour the locations on the floors inside the terminal such as Welcome Garden and the check-in counters, in addition to the outdoor Sky Deck that allows views of parked aircraft, takeoffs and landings. A different course that costs JPY 2,500 is taken on rainy days.

Sixty-minute tours are held four times a day for up to four people at a time. Advance reservations can be made online. For details, visit the tour website (Japanese only). Tours will continue to be held until July 18.