14 Shops Open on 4th Floor of Narita Terminal 2 - Major Remodeling of Commercial Zone

14 Shops Open on 4th Floor of Narita Terminal 2 - Major Remodeling of Commercial Zone

Newly opened "Kutsushitaya" at Narita.

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On July 1, fourteen stores opened in the commercial area on the fourth floor of Terminal 2 at Narita International Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture.

The stores are part of the large-scale remodeling project to renovate the shopping and dining zone on the upper floor of the terminal, which is before the security screening checkpoint for international departures. Under the project's "easy to understand, easy to see, fun" concept, the zone is making it easier for people to get around while bringing in new stores along with remodeling of existing shops. More than 30 retail outlets will gradually open until the project is complete, meaning that the fourteen stores opening are roughly half of those planned.

Some of the new stores are opening their first branches at an airport: sunglasses shop spectre j!NS, Japanese sundries retailer Cayhane, Japanese sweets shop Wa-Gokoro Souka and legwear retailer Kutsushitaya. Handbag and suitcase store Lapax will continue to do business by opening up in Terminal 1. The other nine stores will open after remodeling with touchups to their interiors.

The remodeled zone has also had LED lighting installed to provide all illumination to make it more environmentally-friendly and create a bright, bustling and stylish ambience throughout. "Our plan is to drive greater numbers and a greater diversity of people in the airport from the third-floor [international embarkation procedures area] to the fourth-floor commercial zone, arrange stores to show off the zone's appeal as a whole and to improve the flow of foot traffic," said an airport retail business department spokesperson concerning the proactive efforts to improve services.

Eight more stores will open on August 10. Afterwards, construction on a common walkway will start in September and continue until the end of March 2012, which will complete the remodeling of the entire fourth-floor commercial zone.