Commemorative Charter and Excursion Flights on ANA's Boeing 787 Prior to Regular Service

Commemorative Charter and Excursion Flights on ANA's Boeing 787 Prior to Regular Service

ANA is the launch customer of Boeing for 787.

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On July 25, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) announced a charter flight and excursion flights departing from Narita Airport on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a state-of-the-art commercial aircraft.

The flights this fall will celebrate ANA being the world's first airline to put the 787 into service on regular commercial flights. The charter flight will fly from Narita to Hong Kong. ANA has called the Dreamliner's first revenue flight to the international city of Hong Kong its "world debut." Seats will be sold in the form of tour packages. Flight dates, application procedures and other details have yet to be confirmed.

After the charter flight, ANA will offer excursion flights from Narita Airport so that more people can experience flying through the skies in the state-of-the-art aircraft. The flights will be available to ANA Mileage Card members. An announcement on flight dates and other details is forthcoming.

ANA is running a "You Fly 1st. 787 Campaign" promotion from August 1 through September 30 to celebrate the new aircraft's introduction. Passengers who fly on two or more valid ANA routes, pay valid fares and accumulate miles can register with the promotional campaign between August 5 and September 30 for a chance to win tickets on the Hong Kong charter flight (5 people) and the Narita excursion flights (300 people), commemorative merchandise (787 people) and more.

ANA plans to receive its first aircraft in September and is now coordinating the final schedule with the Boeing Company. ANA has already stated that the 787 will begin regular commercial service flying on a domestic route out of Haneda.