New Outdoor Course for Centrair's Segway Guide Tours

New Outdoor Course for Centrair's Segway Guide Tours

Segway Guide Tour at Centrair

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Chubu International Airport (also known as "Centrair") in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture has set up an outdoor course for its Segway Guide Tours to complement the existing indoor tours on the Segway, a battery-driven two-wheeled vehicle that is ridden standing up.

The new outdoor course running outside the terminal adds a new option for the tours, which first began on July 23. It was inspired by the many repeat customers who "want to try a different course, not the same one." "The Segway is not authorized for driving on public roads in Japan, but we set up the outdoor course assuming that it will be some time. Along the added course is a hill on Centrair's property that provides a view of the aircraft and has broad sidewalks that are easy to drive on," said Muto Yukio, President of Miexinc, which operates the tours.

Tour members riding on the outdoor course depart from the Welcome Garden and ride around the Centrair Garden and the hill with the view of the aircraft. As always, an instructor certified by Segway Japan, Ltd. teaches basic controls such as how to stop, go and turn. The tour lasts one hour and costs JPY 3,500. Participants must be aged 16 or older.

The Segways run 10 km/h indoors but 20km/h outdoors. "If you get used to riding it once by joining the indoor tour, then you'll drive smoothly if you try the outdoor course," said Mr. Muto. "Right now, most of the people taking the outdoor course are repeat customers. I hope more people will join to experience the liberating feeling [of riding the Segway] outdoors."

Tours are held five times a day with a limit of four people per tour. There are no tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each tour is initially scheduled for indoors (one hour, JPY 3,500), but if three or more people join, then the tour is conducted along the outdoor course if the participants select that option. Advance reservations can be made online. For details, visit the tour website (Japanese only). Tours will continue to be held until December 26.