New Hotel, "Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda" at Haneda International Terminal

New Hotel,

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

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On March 6, Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation (TIAT) decided to have Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. and Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. open a hotel in the international terminal at Haneda Airport in Ohta Ward, Tokyo in fall 2014. The tentative name is Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda.

The new hotel is part of the expansion plans announced for the terminal last June. The three companies involved in the undertaking were chosen by TIAT, the company that administers and operates the terminal, after receiving competing proposals from various firms. The three companies decided to play a part by maintaining facilities and operating the business aspects of the hotel, which will be part of the Japan Airport Terminal Group. Japan Airport Terminal will sign a fixed term building lease with TIAT, support Mitsubishi Estate in implementing general facility planning and consign administrative operations to Royal Park Hotels.

Under the terminal's expansion plans, the current main building will be renovated and expanded, while a new "annex" and "satellite" will be constructed on the northwest side. The annex will add a check-in lobby, passport control, security screening, a baggage checking area and facilities for making connections on domestic and international flights. The satellite will add eight new boarding gates. Reportedly, the size of the terminal's facilities will roughly double in size.