"Interactive Happiness Machine" from Coca-Cola Japan - New Vending Machine at Haneda Airport

The new Interactive Happiness Machine from Coca-Cola Japan Company.

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A new vending machine, the Interactive Happiness Machine, appeared on April 3 in the departures lobby of Terminal 1 at Haneda Airport in Ohta Ward, Tokyo.

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo-based Coca-Cola Japan Company, Limited developed the vending machine to "embody the fun" of soft drinks. With more than mere "feature upgrades" and a "digitized interface," the machine adds fun and surprises to the act of interactive purchases, such as selecting a product or pushing a button. What makes the machine stand out is that it lets the customer "experience the Coca-Cola world view and brand."

The vending machine is installed with a large 47-inch touch screen on the front with Coca-Cola TV commercial actors and actresses calling and beckoning passersby. When a person approaches, a sensor tells the screen to switch to sales mode and display the products available. The customer can swipe and touch the screen to check the product list and product information. More than just a vending machine, the installation includes extra features like a puzzle game that are free to enjoy, whether or not you make a purchase. Coca-Cola Japan says that it will continue developing diverse content that makes use of the machine's features.

This is the first such vending machine placed at Haneda Airport. Coca-Cola Japan plans to install dozens of them at large commercial complexes and elsewhere in Japan.