Temporary LCC Facility Opens at Narita Airport

Temporary LCC Facility Opens at Narita Airport

Conceptual drawing of the new LCC facility at Narita.

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A facility exclusively for low-cost carriers (LCCs) opened at Narita International Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture on September 11.

Narita set up the temporary facility on the south side of Terminal 2. Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. and AirAsia Japan Co., Ltd., two carriers that began flying domestically this summer, are using it.

The two-story facility has a floor space of around 4,000 square meters. The second floor houses the check-in area and baggage carousels, while the first floor has an arriving bus gate and baggage inspection. This type of LCC, or "budget," terminal is a simplified version of a regular passenger terminal to cut costs. The simplicity is exemplified by the construction in the many areas where the ceilings lack panels, exposing wiring and the like.

Narita is continuing work on another temporary LCC facility on the north side of the terminal. The airport plans to construct a permanent LCC terminal, scheduled for completion in the fiscal year beginning on April 1, 2014.

Two other Japanese airports, Naha and Kansai International, plan to open permanent LCC terminals in October.