Kansai Int'l Airport Opens LCC Terminal - Simple Design & Original Approach Suppress Costs

Kansai Int'l Airport Opens LCC Terminal - Simple Design & Original Approach Suppress Costs

The Peach official shop at Terminal 2 of Kansai International Airport.

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Kansai International Airport opened Terminal 2 (T2), for low-cost carriers (LCCs) only, on October 28.

This is Japan's first terminal building designed and constructed solely with the LCC business model in mind. Situated atop the landfill section of the airport where the two runways are located, the steel frame building is a mostly one-story structure. Part of the building has a second floor. T2 has a floor space of approximately 30,000 square meters.

The terminal is built for safety, functionality and economy. While equipment, traveler service facilities and the like are stripped down--as exemplified by the lack of ceiling tiles--it does produce a bright and open indoor space with natural and LED lighting, windowsA, an indoor garden and other aspects of the building's design. The terminal's commercial offerings include 20 stores, some of which are open 24 hours a day. There are nine aircraft parking spaces: two for international routes, four for domestic routes and three accommodating both domestic and international. Travelers cross the tarmac on foot to board and deboard; there are no boarding bridges. Aircraft arrive at the gates themselves rather than being towed by special vehicles.

A free shuttle bus connects the Aeroplaza, a commercial facility next to Terminal 1 and the train station, to Terminal 2, while some limousine buses and taxis provide direct access. There is also parking for 300 vehicles.

Peach, (IATA code: MM), operated by Peach Aviation Limited, is using the new terminal to make Kansai International into a hub airport, with 19 domestic and international daily roundtrip flights on 8 routes. Kansai International plans to attract more LCCs to Terminal 2.

The "passenger facility service charge" (PFSC) travelers must pay when purchasing tickets is lower than the charge for international departures from Terminal 1 at JPY 1,500, and is JPY 400 for domestic departures and JPY 350 for domestic arrivals.

Earlier in October, Naha Airport in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture remodeled a transit shed into the airport's new LCC Terminal, and Narita Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture has had a temporary LCC terminal since September. Kansai International Airport, which boasts heavier LCC traffic than anywhere else in Japan, has announced plans to construct another LCC terminal, Terminal 3, by the 2015 fiscal year ending March 31.