Keikyu Invites Finland's "Real" Santa Claus to Haneda Airport

Keikyu Invites Finland's

Santa Claus at a Keikyu station

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Santa Claus, traveling from his home in Finland, was seen arriving in Japan at Haneda Airport's terminal on December 9.

Minato Ward, Tokyo-based Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd., which operates the Keikyu rail lines, partnered with Finnair Plc to put on an event and invite the official Santa Claus of the Finland Santa Claus Foundation. St. Nick took commemorative photos with the public in the Market Place, an event space on the second floor of Haneda Airport's Domestic Terminal 1. He then greeted people and handed out presents in the terminal, at Keihin's Shinagawa Station, the Wing Takanawa shopping complex and elsewhere.

According to the Santa Claus Foundation, the official Santa Claus usually spends his days in Finland replying to letters and emails from children around the world and taking care of his reindeer, but on this special occasion he travelled to Japan on Finnair to participate in the event.