Flexible Premium Ticket Books for "Limousine Buses" Connecting Haneda & Narita with Tokyo

Flexible Premium Ticket Books for

A "limousine bus" by Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd.

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Chuo Ward, Tokyo-based Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. began selling Premium Ticket Books on December 1 that purchasers can use to ride any "limousine bus" (airport shuttle bus) connecting Haneda and Narita airports with locations throughout Tokyo. The ticket books provide a convenient discount option for travelers with diverse itineraries as well as the company's repeat customers.

A book of 11 bus tickets costs JPY 12,000. Purchasers can use them to ride on routes connecting Haneda and Narita airports with stops within the 23 wards of Tokyo. Riding a Haneda route costs one ticket, whereas a Narita route costs two. Exceptions are late at night, when Haneda route also cost two tickets. Furthermore, the tickets are not valid on some of the company's routes. However, another available option is a trip between the two airports, which costs two tickets. The actual cost of each ticket is about JPY 1,090, making for a maximum 28% discount off the regular fare.

Discussing the new ticket books, an Airport Transport Service planning spokesperson said, "We're mostly targeting businesspeople who are repeat customers. With these you can plan various itineraries. For example, 'leaving from Narita but returning through Haneda.' Small groups who fly in to Haneda from a regional airport can also use them to transfer to Narita. We're offering true flexibility for limousine bus travelers." The spokesperson said the Premium Ticket Books have been a hit since going on sale and that many airport personnel are among the buyers.

The ticket books are sold at limousine bus counters in Haneda Airport, Narita Airport and Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT).