"Hikkoki Chou" 787 Cream Puffs Big Hit at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

"Hikkoki Chou" 787 Cream Puffs sold at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

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Cream puffs shaped like Boeing 787s are selling like hotcakes at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.

The Hikkoki Chou (meaning "Airplane Puff") is an original item sold only in the hotel. The tasty treats were first sold when All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) put the 787 into service in fall 2011 on the new aircraft's first-ever regular commercial route anywhere in the world.

The cream puff's length and wingspan each measure around 20 centimeters -- proportions very similar to the real 787. Between the top and bottom halves of the aircraft are whipped cream and seasonal fruits that produce a fun blend of flavors and colors. The vertical stabilizer is made of white chocolate, a layer of which also covers the top of the aircraft. By no coincidence, one cream puff costs exactly JPY 787. It was one of the first special promotional products to commemorate the 787 when it first entered service, and it continues to sell well due to popular demand.

Yumiko Takayama, who makes the cream puffs in the hotels pastry shop, said, "It was hard at first to bake the cream puffs' dough and get the right aircraft shape. One defining characteristic of the airport hotel is that we are careful to make the dough's texture very tender so that people of all ages will enjoy it." The handmade cream puffs are still a hot item. Guests and even airport personnel buy the pastries for themselves or as gifts. On average, the hotel sells nearly 100 a month. "Since we started selling them a year ago we've gradually improved the shape to get it closer to the real thing. Now it's in the realm of nearly perfect."

The Hikkoki Chou cream puffs are on sale regularly at the Flyer's Table, a cafe and restaurant in the hotel's lobby. They may sell out as only a limited number are made a day. The cream puffs are also offered as part of some accommodation packages.