Osaka Int'l Airport Info Mag Runs Feature on "Photo Spots"

Osaka Int'l Airport Info Mag Runs Feature on

"Sorairo" magazine at Osaka International Airport.

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Osaka International Airport in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture (also known as Itami Airport) is running a feature on places to photograph aircraft in "Sorairo," the original airport information magazine it is now distributing.

The free magazine was launched last November. Printed on A4 paper and foldable eight ways, Sorairo comes in a compact size convenient for those on the go. The editorial board's policy is to "inform readers about new attractions and ways to have fun in and around Osaka International Airport and to revitalize the local economy." The magazine presents information under a different theme for each issue to encourage readers to get more enjoyment out of the airport and the surrounding area, such as "The Best Spots" and event information.

The theme for the first issue, still in circulation, is "Photographing Aircraft." It contains detailed information and maps of four "photo spots" in and around the airport's grounds with good views of the runway. They include the airport terminal's La Sola observation deck and Itami Sky Park, located on the opposite side of the runway.

Few airport information magazines run a feature focusing solely on "photo spots" that include the nearby area. Since its inception, Sorairo has generated buzz among some aviation enthusiasts and others for containing "unique information about the airport, which has always been known as a great place to photograph airplanes."

Sorairo is distributed at the airport's terminal and elsewhere. All pages are also available for download in digital format (PDF) from the airport's website and elsewhere on the internet. The content is in Japanese.