"Valentine's Shrine" at Kitakyushu Airport Delivers Prayers to Koinoki Shrine for Love-Seeking Travelers

A "Valentine's Shrine" has been erected at Kitakyushu Airport's terminal building in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.

The shrine is part of a seasonal event Kitakyushu Air Terminal Co., Ltd. puts on every year. Messages to the "god of match-making" and the "god of good fortune" revered at Koinoki Shrine in Chikugo, a city in the southern part of the prefecture, are hung from the glass partition between the second-floor departures lobby and domestic boarding area to create a virtual "shrine" right inside the terminal. Travelers passing through are free to write their prayers and wishes to hang up at the airport shrine.

Fortune papers are also sold here for JPY 100 each. Messages are transported to Koinoki Shrine the day after submission for prayers and dedication.

This year marks the sixth time the airport has organized this Valentine's Day event, which runs until the big day itself on February 14.