Construction Continues on Expansions & Additions at Haneda Int'l Terminal - Plus New "Satellite"

Construction Continues on Expansions & Additions at Haneda Int'l Terminal - Plus New

The construction site of expansion and additions at Haneda International Terminal.

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Construction on an expansion to the passenger terminal and new buildings is ongoing at the international section of Haneda Airport in Ohta Ward, Tokyo.

Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation (TIAT), the building's operator also based in Ohta Ward, has commissioned the airport facility expansion work. To cope with a doubling in annual international daytime landing slots from 30,000 to 60,000 at Haneda coming in March 2014, the company is expanding the terminal building's main hall, as well as constructing a new "Satellite" with eight boarding gates and aircraft parking spaces. Meanwhile, a new hotel with around 300 rooms will open, while two levels will be added to the parking garage.

Since last October, the construction work has been extending the northwest end of the present terminal building. The site, which used to be aircraft parking spaces, is now lined with huge cranes and other heavy machinery, where they are undertaking the major task of laying the foundations for the new structures.

After the expansion and new works are complete, the international passenger terminal will have around 50% more floor space, totaling approximately 235,000 square meters. Expansions to the check-in counters will increase the current 96 positions to 144. There are 10 aircraft parking spaces now, which will rise to 18 spaces. The new Satellite section will straddle a public hallway connecting the international area with the domestic terminal, drastically transforming the view from the international area.

The passenger terminal expansion and Satellite will partially open at the end of March 2014, while the parking garage expansion will be fully available at that time. As for the hotel, TIAT hopes for it to open for business by the end of September 2014.