Haneda Airport Museum Hosts 1964 Tokyo Olympics Exhibit

Haneda Airport Museum Hosts 1964 Tokyo Olympics Exhibit

The official poster design of 1964 Tokyo Olympic games.

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The Discovery Museum, an art museum inside Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport (address: 3 Ohta Ward, Tokyo), is now hosting a special exhibit: "Dreams of Showa-Period Japan: The 1964 Tokyo Olympics."

The lounge-style museum, the first-ever inside a Japanese airport, has a permanent collection of pieces from the Eisei-Bunko Museum in Bunko Ward, Tokyo, which preserves tens of thousands of articles of craftwork and historical documents from the Hosokawa clan, a samurai family with a 700-year history.

The special exhibit is a project sponsored by the Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum. The Discovery Museum exhibit puts a particular focus on the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, an event that helped spark Japan's post-war return as a major player on the world stage. The main exhibits include a Delegation Uniform designed by Kensuke Ishizu, the founder of fashion brand Van; a holder for the Olympic Torch designed by Sori Yanagi and made especially for the 1964 Olympics; and beautiful long-sleeved kimonos and sashes worn by women who joined athletes as they were awarded medals.

The exhibit also has a photo panel called "Records of Haneda Airport 27 Years after War" featuring photographs of Haneda Airport from the period. The Discovery Museum is open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (and from 10:00 a.m. on weekends and national holidays). Admission is free. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics special exhibit will remain until June 2.