New Wedding Planning Service Dream Agent Targets Foreign Visitors to Japan Arriving in Haneda

New Wedding Planning Service Dream Agent Targets Foreign Visitors to Japan Arriving in Haneda

A scene from a wedding at Gorakadan in Hakone.

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Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture-based Movement Japan Inc. started up a new "inbound wedding" business, Celebration in Japan, on June 1. It is a wedding planning service for foreign visitors to Japan so they can hold their nuptial ceremony or other commemorative event in Japan after arriving at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Movement Japan arranges weddings for high-end clients under the Dream Agent brand, which is based in Japan, China, Italy and elsewhere around the world. From its offices in Florence, the company targets wealthy western couples in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and so on to advertise their wedding plans in Japan.

The company's first product for this new business is Gorakadan: The Royal Japan Wedding & Anniversary, which offers westerners a wedding plan including a stay at Gorakadan, a luxury hotel in nearby Hakone, following their arrival at Haneda Airport. Gorakadan is a well-known name outside Japan and a popular accommodation among foreign visitors to the country. The wedding plan, based on a similar one offered to Japanese clients at the hotel, arranges the ceremony, photos, western and Japanese clothing rentals, a spa, accommodations, a party, transportation between the airport and the hotel, and an interpreter. The plan is being sold in a number of countries.

Movement in Japan President Kenji Sato said, "Japan has so many wonderful things we are proud to share with the world. With these wedding ceremonies, we hope to show them the excellent quality of Japanese hospitality." In the future the company also hopes to work with other hotels, inns, restaurants and such in fascinating and famous places in Japan to "increase options for customers, thus helping to create more opportunities for international travelers to visit Japan by way of weddings and other ceremonies."