Daytime Landing Slots Coming to Haneda for Routes to Indonesia

Daytime Landing Slots Coming to Haneda for Routes to Indonesia

Haneda's International Passenger Terminal.

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Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced on June 28 that it has reached an agreement in bilateral talks with Indonesia's civil aviation authority to allow commercial flights between Tokyo's Haneda Airport and major Indonesian cities. Airlines can commence operations on the routes starting in March 2014. The flights will be allowed to land and take off at Haneda Airport during the daytime hours (6:00 a.m. to 11:00p.m.).

The timing coincides with Haneda increasing the number of annual international landing slots to 60,000 from the current 30,000. Under the terms of the agreement, each country is allowed to grant its airlines two slots a day, an expansion of the current arrangement in which flights connecting Haneda with Indonesia are limited to the airport's late night and early morning landing slots.

Japan and Indonesia agreed during bilateral aviation talks in August 2011 to allow the use of landing slots from unused routes on other routes. This led to the recent agreement on the new routes between Haneda Airport and major Indonesian cities. The airline Garuda Indonesia Tbk began flying regular commercial flights on a route between Haneda and Denpasar, Bali in April 2012.

While the daytime use of Haneda Airport for aircraft flying on international routes is limited to short-haul flights to East Asia, Japan has decided to permit landing slots for long-haul flights starting in 2014. Indonesia is the eighth country with which Japan has reached an agreement on long-haul flights serving Haneda. The others are the United Kingdom, France, China, Singapore, Thailand, Germany and Vietnam.