Nickname of 10th Peach Aircraft Announced at Hamburg Ceremony: "Wing of Tohoku"

Nickname of 10th Peach Aircraft Announced at Hamburg Ceremony:

Miss Wakana Takeda who names the 10th aircraft "WING of TOHOKU" (the second from right) and her family.

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Peach, the low-cost carrier (LCC) operated by Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture-based company Peach Aviation Limited, announced on August 6 that the name of its tenth aircraft, an Airbus A320, will be "Wing of Tohoku" during a ceremony at the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany, where the new plane was delivered.

Peach began flying between Kansai International Airport outside Osaka and Sendai Airport in the northeastern Tohoku region of Japan in April, and it took submissions for name ideas for the 10th A320 from the region's elementary and junior high school students in the region. Peach employees who considered the more than 50 submissions selected the name proposed by Wakana Takeda, a girl who lives in the city of Fukushima.

The theme for the naming contest was "a name suitable for an aircraft painted in Peach pink and purple that will connect Japan with Asia." Wakana and her family joined 30 or so important figures from the city of Hamburg in attending the ceremony on Airbus' premises, where they got a sneak peak of Peach's tenth aircraft. At the ceremony, Wakana, a grin on her face, explained the winning name's origin. "I came up with it with my family, hoping to bring smiles and happiness to the people of Tohoku by placing many of our dreams and hopes on the wings of the airplane." She then boarded the new aircraft for a tour of the cabin and cockpit.

The tenth Peach aircraft departed Hamburg on the 7th for the airline's hub at Kansai International Airport. After arriving, "Wing of Tohoku" decals were applied near the nose. The aircraft then commenced service on domestic and international routes, including the Sendai route, on the 12th.

The Wing of Tohoku is the second Peach aircraft to adopt a nickname, following the "Peach Dream."