KIX to be Japan's 1st "Muslim-Friendly" Airport with Prayer Rooms and Halal Meals for Growing Muslim Travelers

KIX to be Japan's 1st

A sample of halal meal available at Kansai.

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Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture announced in August that it will take efforts to become a "Muslim-friendly airport" for Muslim visitors to Japan.

The airport has seen an increase in visitors from the Southeast Asian Muslim countries of Malaysia and Indonesia in recent year and there will be more flights, including non-stop service, to and from those countries in the future.

Kansai already has a prayer room in the terminal, but it will add two more by March 2014 in the international departures area. The airport will also install facilities for worshippers to perform the wudu purification ceremony by which Muslims wash parts of the body prior to prayer. All airport visitors will be granted access to the prayer facilities (departing passengers on international flights only for the newly added facility).

Restaurants and food stores will also cater to Muslim travelers by introducing a service providing halal meals prepared in a special kitchen for in-flight meals served on international routes. According to Islamic law, halal meals must be prepared according to certain methods and may not include pork, alcohol or foods containing those ingredients. The food is available in the Special Waiting Room in Terminal 1, the Kansai Airport Meeting Room at Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and the Group Dining Hall in the airport's Sky View observation hall.

Kansai International is the first Japanese airport to openly adopt a "Muslim-friendly" policy.