"Garden of Light" at Haneda Airport's Int'l Terminal - Winter Illuminations even Project Light on Ceiling

Winter illumination inside the International Terminal of Haneda Airport.

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The lights were turned on for the Haneda Sky Illumination of Never-Before-Seen Light on November 22. The wintertime light installation is located inside the Haneda Airport International Terminal in Ohta Ward, Tokyo.

The winter illumination heralding the Christmas season was designed under the supervision of lighting designer Satoshi Uchihara. The construction is composed of 120 or so moso bamboo trees ornamented with around 230,000 LED bulbs in a bamboo motif that shines a soothing silvery light throughout the terminal. Speaking about the design concept, Uchihara said, "An international airport, a gateway to Japan, represents the country. I used bamboo because I wanted to show something characteristic of Japan."

The Haneda Sky Illumination comprises multiple installations. A Bamboo Illumination is in the second-floor arrivals lobby access hall, and another Bamboo Illumination plus a Column Illumination is in the third-floor departures lobby. On the fourth floor is yet another Bamboo Illumination in the Edo Hirokoji walkway and the Crystal Illumination at the Edo Stage. In conjunction with floor illuminations, they even project their light onto the ceiling under the departures lobby's big roof.

This is the second year Haneda Airport has had the winter illuminations installed throughout the terminal.

The lights are on from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., although they will be turned on later at 6:00 p.m. on November 30. The art will remain up until February 18, 2014.