Sake and More from Across Japan at ANA Airport Lounges to Stimulate Local Economies and Boost Tourist Demand

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) began stocking sake, true shochu, Okinawan awamori shochu and other alcoholic beverages from all 47 Japanese prefectures at its airport lounges at Haneda, Narita and Kansai airports on December 1. The project is a promotion that will expose travelers to local rice wines and distilled drinks on a rolling basis.

Partnering with the Minato Ward, Tokyo-based Japan Sake Makers' Central Association, ANA is joining the "Drink Nippon! Japanese Alcohol Campaign" promotion to tout these beverages directly to its passengers. The goal is to stimulate local Japanese economics and boost demand for travel to Japan by spreading the word about the country's appeal.

Special corners have been set up in the lounges where visitors can savor the local drinks, offering concoctions from across Japan. There are also monitors showing the special processes by which the wine and liquor are made to inform viewers of what makes these local specialties so wonderful.

Every three months, the special corners change out the types of alcohol and brands on offer, spotlighting local products from one prefecture. The plan is to cover all 47 prefectures in four years, three months at a time. The featured prefectures for December through February are Gifu at Haneda Airport's domestic terminal, Hyogo at its international terminal, Hokkaido at Narita Airport, and Hyogo at Kansai Airport.

Nariyuki Shinohara, the chairman of the Japan Sake Makers' Central Association, expressed his group's appreciation for ANA's help at its airport lounges. "We are extremely grateful that ANA has created an opportunity for consumers worldwide to enjoy local Japanese rice wines and distilled beverages in a laidback atmosphere."

Lounge locations are listed below.

Haneda Airport:

Domestic Terminal 2 Main Building, South Wing

International Terminal

Narita Airport:

Terminal 1, No. 4 Satellite

Kansai Airport:

Terminal 1, International Departures