Motorbike License Plates with Original KIX Design in Nearby Municipalities

Motorbike License Plates with Original KIX Design in Nearby Municipalities

The KIX-featured license plate for motorbike.

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A limited run of license plates will be released in September of this year with an original design featuring Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture.

The airport is celebrating its twentieth birthday this year, so the nearby three towns and cities of Izumisano, Sennan and Tajiri solicited designs for motorbike license plates in an effort to publicize the area's appeal.

The plate design by Hideyuki Tarumi of Kagawa Prefecture was selected as the top prize winner by the selection committee, whose members included the municipalities' mayors and airport representatives. The plate has a blue runway, terminal building and control tower across the water from a simple depiction of the towns and cities. The words "KIX Kansai International Airport" also appear on the plate.

The submitted designs were judged according to their local flair, design sophistication and functionality as license plates that "express aircraft design and Kansai International Airport's image." According to the committee, there were 98 submissions from 79 people in nine prefectures, and the contestants' ages ranged widely from 12 to 86 years old.

Only 5,000 of the original license plates will be produced. Beginning in September, motorbikes (engine sizes 50 cc, 90 cc and 125 cc) registered in one of the three municipalities will be given the plates.