KIX Vending Machines Sell Pre-Paid SIM Cards for Foreign Visitors in 1st for Japanese Airport

KIX Vending Machines Sell Pre-Paid SIM Cards for Foreign Visitors in 1st for Japanese Airport

The new vending machine selling pre-paid SIM cards.

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Pre-paid SIM card vending machines appeared at Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture on April 22.

So-net Corporation, based in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward, began selling its Pre-paid LTE Sim product at vending machines in the airport terminal. The SIM cards are a pre-paid SIM card product package for a new mobile communications service that So-net began offering that day. The service, which consumers can access without signing a long-term contract, offers high-speed LTE data transmission with 150 Mbps downloads and 50 Mbps uploads. Foreign visitors to Japan carrying simlock-free phones and other mobile devices can exchange their SIM cards and, after a simple online process, soon get a high-quality internet connection in Japan.

There are two product packages for sale: Plan 100M for 100 MB of transmitted data over 30 days for JPY 3,000 and Plan 500M for 500 MB of transmitted data over 60 days for JPY 5,000. The cards can also be charged with additional transmission capacity. The vending machines are stocked with standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM cards. The service is a multilingual one, with user support available in Japanese and English after establishing a connection. There is also a service site in Japanese, English and Chinese as well as a service manual in Korean and Thai.

The vending machines are in two locations at Kansai International Airport: the north and south entrances to the first-floor international arrivals lobby in Terminal 1, at the Internet & Telephone Corner.

According to So-net, these are the first vending machines at a Japanese airport to sell SIM card product packages.