HK Airline Names New Aircraft "Siu Maai Express" as Service Spreads to 13 Asian Destinations

HK Airline Names New Aircraft

Kitty Choy at the door of "Sui Maai Express"

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Low-cost carrier Hong Kong Express announced on June 25th that it has christened a new aircraft the "Sui Maai Express." The plane will provide the flight between Hong Kong and Nagoya (Chubu International Airport) the carrier announced earlier on the 12th.

The name is part of a promotional campaign the airline ran last fall asking its Facebook fans for aircraft name ideas. After seeking names that symbolize the spirit of Hong Kong, Kitty Choy, a resident of the territory, won with her idea of a "Dim Sum" theme. The first plane to be named through the campaign will thus be the "Siu Maai Express."

Other ideas among the more than 1,000 submissions ranged from names of famous mountains in Hong Kong like "Lion Rock" and "The Peak," to the names of Hong Kong movies and more. Kitty said she came up with her proposal because "the yum cha culture of enjoying tea while dining on dim sum is a unique Hong Kong Culture. Its affordability also fits in with the Hong Kong Express concept."

On flights the airline serves meals such as a dim sum platter (available for an additional charge) with siu maai and jiaozi and the "Three Treasures" of fried capsicum and eggplants stuffed with minced fish.

When the Siu Maai Express enters service, Andrew Cowen, Deputy CEO, said, "With the new livery and our special naming project, we intend to promote Hong Kong’s local culture and character to our foreign guests." He added, "(A)s a low-cost carrier, we make it possible for our guests to travel to more Asian regions at an exceptionally good price, (like dim sum)."

Hong Kong Express plans to expand its current fleet of six 180-passenger Airbus A320s to ten aircraft by the end of the year. Five of these will form the Dim Sum Fleet and each will be named after a different dim sum dish.