Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Golden Teahouse at KIX on Siege of Osaka's 400th Anniversary

Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Golden Teahouse at KIX on Siege of Osaka's 400th Anniversary

The Golden Teahouse displayed at Kansai International Airport.

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The Golden Teahouse, a collapsible, portable structure, was the beloved possession of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a great warlord who united feudal Japan under his rule in the 16th century. A gorgeous replica of the historical teahouse was installed on August 7 inside Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture.

The special exhibit stands outside the Kansai Tourist Information Center in the central area of Terminal 1's first floor. The Siege of Osaka 400th Anniversary Project Steering Committee set up the Golden Teahouse replica to show Japanese and international travelers the allure of Osaka Castle, a grand fortress built by Hideyoshi that was later besieged by his former vassal after his death, and to promote the Siege of Osaka 400th Anniversary Tenka'ichi Festival that begins on October 1 at Osaka Castle.

The Golden Teahouse, a symbol often associated with Hideyoshi, was a dazzling, extravagant structure made entirely of gold, from the walls, ceiling and pillars down to the tea ceremony implements. It was also collapsible to enable transport. The Golden Teahouse on display in the airport terminal is 2.7 meters wide, 2.45 meters deep and 2.55 meters tall and also sports the same collapsible features as the original. The structure is spraying the arrivals lobby in shining gold light and delighting the eyes of arriving travelers.

The committee plans to take the teahouse on an overseas tour, primarily in Asia, as a "symbol conveying the allure of Osaka Castle."

The Golden Teahouse exhibit will remain at Kansai Airport until March 31, 2015, though during that time it may be relocated temporarily to display other exhibits for short periods.